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  • Adjustable Tracking Bar Installation
    You can download these instructions as a PDF here: 66-77 Early Ford Bronco Adjustable Tracking Bar Installation Introduction to installing early Ford Bronco adjustable tracking bar Installation requires a professional mechanic. Prior to beginning, inspect the vehicles steering, driveline and brake systems, paying close attention to the suspension link arms and bushings, anti-sway bars and […]
  • 12 Gallon Metal Gas Tank – Front/Auxiliary Tank
    You can download these instructions as a PDF here: 66-77 Early Ford Bronco 12 Gallon Metal Gas Tank Instructions How to Install the Early Ford Bronco 12 Gallon Metal Gas Tank 1. Disconnect all of the hoses and wiring from the original auxiliary tank. 2. Disconnect the fuel tank straps from the original tank and […]
  • 1972 Ford Truck Parts & Accessories
    Tom’s Bronco Parts makes it easy to restore and/or repair your 1972 Truck. Shop Our 1972 Ford Truck Parts We have many parts and accessories to help you find whatever 1972 Ford Truck parts that you might need. We’ve got an extensive inventory of 1972 Ford Truck parts and accessories and with an in-stock and […]
  • 1966 Ford Bronco History & Specifications
    The 1966 Ford Bronco is in many ways in a class of it’s own. This was the first year model of the Ford Bronco and while the body style remained basically the same throughout the Early Broncos (66-77 Ford Broncos) there are some intrinsic differences in the 66 Bronco that makes this year model unique. […]
  • GT40 vs. GT40P Heads…What’s the difference?
    You will note when buying our early Bronco headers that they list they are not compatible with GT40P heads but they will work with GT40 heads.  Great to know, right?  Just one problem, what if you don’t know which type of heads you have?  This article is written to shed some light on the difference […]