Dana 30 and Dana 44 Disc Brake Conversion Kit

You can download these instructions as a PDF here: Dana 30 & Dana 44 Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Please read entire set of instructions before beginning disc brake conversion kit installation.

NOTE: grinding on the knuckle is required for this installation see diagram below.


Jack up Bronco, place on jack stands, and remove tires and wheels.

Remove lockout hubs. If Warn hubs are being used (required), the old hubs may be discarded; this includes everything from the lockout cap all the way to the spring and retainer plate.

Remove hubs and drums; these parts will not be reused.

Disconnect flexible brake lines from backing plates, drain brake fluid in a can or jar for proper disposal, and remove flexible brake lines.

Remove 6 bolts that hold spindle and backing plate to each knuckle, then remove the backing plates and spindles. The spindle will be very difficult to remove, and may need “persuading” with a rubber mallet and/or brass hammer.

Remove axle shafts.

Use a vacuum cleaner to suck dirt out of the axle tubes.

If using your old steering knuckles, grind the back side of each knuckle flat, as shown in the figure, to clear the caliper when it is installed. See diagram for clearance grinding on the Dana 30 or 44.

How to Install the Dana 30 & Dana 44 Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Coat inner axle shaft splines with grease or heavy oil (to protect the inner axle tube seal from damage) and install the axle shafts.

NOTE: If you haven’t already done so, this would be a good time to replace the axle shaft u-joints (#3205). If they are rusted to the axle shafts, you may want to cut the u-joints out with a torch so you can support the yokes when removing the u-joint cups (because if you bend the yokes, you need to replace the axles).

Install spindle (inboard) then caliper support to steering knuckle with the six grade 8 bolts and lock washers provided. The opening for the caliper support should face the rear of the vehicle. Torque the bolts to 35 to 45 ft-lbs.

Pack wheel bearings, install inner wheel bearing seal in hub and install hub and rotor over spindle and assemble wheel bearing and lock nuts.

Install Warn locking hubs. The small outer snap ring is not used on each axle shaft.

Install caliper/brake pad assembly to caliper support with bleeder pointing up and toward the center of the housing. Make sure the caliper has at least 1/8″ clearance between it and the knuckle. Grind more on the knuckle if necessary. Torque the caliper bolts to 45 lbs.

Attach flexible stainless brake hose to hard line at axle, and to the caliper using the banjo bolt. Tighten all fittings at this time. The brake line should point up from its mounting point at the caliper.

Bleed the front brakes, starting with passenger side.

Install wheels and tires, and carefully road test.

NOTE: You will not use the small outer 1” snap ring when installing the Locking Hubs.

Packing List for Dana 30 & Dana 44 Disc Brake Kit

  • 2 hub and rotors
  • 2 hub seals #4250
  • 2 spindles & seals
  • 2 calipers with pads
  • 2 hoses
  • 2 caliper supports
  • 2 spindle bolts and lock washers

Recommend Disc Brake Proportioning Valve and Bracket.


Diagram: Dana 30 Driver Side Knuckle & Dana 44 Passenger Side Knuckle

Dana 30 & Dana 44 Disc Brake Conversion

Dana 30 Driver Side Knuckle (left) | Dana 44 Passenger Side Knuckle (right)

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