Lockers and Posi's

Do you need them and what are the advantages?

Adding a traction device to the front or rear differential has many advantages. A traction device installed in the rear end can get you through many obstacles without having to get out and lock in the hubs. They can also take a great deal of strain off th edrive train by helping you through difficult obstacles without having to hammer the throttle, thus decreasing your chances of drive-train failure.

A traction device in the front differential works on a lot of the same principles as the rear differential. Having both tires pulling can ease you out of a deep rut, snowbank or over rocks and boulders and helps tremendously when you have a tire come off the ground. Having this advantage will keep you from pounding on the throttle and breaking the drive-train components and even saving possible damage to your sheet metal.

Now, which traction device would work best for your application?

For the Rear End
The Detroit True Trac is the best all around unit. This device is a clutch free, smooth operating unit. No special oil additives are required. You won't even notice the unit working until you cross the bad spot in your path and realize the ease in which you passed through it.

The True Trac has a lock up of 70% to 75%. This unit is for the driver who spends 70% on road and 30% off. The next step is the Detroit Soft Locker. Again, this unit is also clutch free and uses no oil additives. While under power or a load, the Detroit Soft Locker is a 100% lock up device. The Detroit Soft Locker has a unique working internal system that allows the unit to ratchet around corners. When you do suspend a tire and it is free-hanging off the ground, both tires will still rotate the same speed.

This unit fits the driver that spends half their time on-road and half their time off. While the unit does work nicely for daily driving, most agree it is the best off-road differential on the market.

The ARB Air Locker gives you the ultimate advantage of having a standard open carrier for daily driving and at the push of a button, 100% axle lockup for your off-road challenges. The ARB uses an on-board mini compressor for activation of the unit.

For the Front End
If your Bronco is equipped with power steering, the Power Lock is an excellent choice. With a dual clutch pack and a 4-pin spider gear set, the Power Lock becomes a brut strength traction device. The Power Lock unit works on a self-tightening feature, when one tire spins more than the other, the Power Lock loads the clutch packs tighter and tighter. Under full load, the Power Lock will lock up to 90% and works well with both Dana 30 and Dana 44.

The Detroit True Trac is an excellent choice for those who have manual steering. The True Trac is a smooth engaging unit that you hardly notice working until you're through the rough spots. We recommend the Detroit True Trac for both Dana 30 and Dana 44.

The Trac Lock is manufactured only for the Dana 44 and is your all-purpose traction device that works very well and still fits the budget. The unit locks up to 50%.

The Detroit Locker and the ARB are made for only the Dana 44, 4 Series Gears (3:92 to 5:13) and we recommend using the new 4340 Chromemolly Axles to handle the heavy stress. The Detroit Locker is for the super hardcore 4-wheeler when you want 100% lockup.

For those of you looking for the best of both worlds, the ARB Air Locker is going to give you the open carrier for drivability and push button 100% lockup for hardcore off-road demand.