About TOMS OFFROAD (formerly Tom’s Bronco Parts)

Tom It was 1976 when Tom purchased his first Ford Bronco. It was a 1969 Ford Bronco. Years of mud-slinging and four wheeling rounded the corners on the old Bronco and Tom went looking for parts. What he found was less than desirable. Tom ended up finding Early Bronco parts on his own and creating his own “private stash”. Soon friends and strangers were calling on him looking for specialty items for their Ford Broncos, Ford Trucks and sometimes even Ford Mustangs. Thus, TOMS OFFROAD evolved (at that time was known as Tom’s Bronco Parts) .

In 1982 Tom sold off his 69 Ford Bronco and replaced it with a 1976 Ford Bronco. He added the NP435 truck 4-speed transmission, a suspension lift, and fender flares on all 4 corners. He has since then done many modifications to his classic Bronco including an NV4500 5-speed Transmission conversion, Front Hidden Winch Bumper and Rear Goliath Bumper with Tire Rack  and much more. Today, TOMS OFFROAD is the leader of replacement parts for the 66-77 Early Bronco. They have also expanded to offer parts and accessories for classic and late model Ford Trucks, Broncos and classic Ford Mustangs. Tom and his crew strive on maintaining the highest quality products and service in the business.