I had the privilege of purchasing some nice new fronts seats for my 1996 Full Size Ford Bronco from Tom’s Bronco Parts. Now, I had the existing (stock) seat rails, so I needed to mount these custom seats to those since Tom’s doesn’t sell new seat rails for these Broncos. Overall, this was a really easy modification to make, and I’m extremely happy with how comfortable and functional these new seats are.

Here’s how they showed up, nicely packaged, yeah!

Here is a list of the tools needed for installation:

  • 15mm socket
  • 17mm deep socket
  • 6mm allen wrench
  • Metal fab tools to build the seat bracket
  • 9/16th drill bit

Here are the steps needed to make this install happen:

1. Completely remove the stock seat brackets from the floor.

There are two bolts on the front of the bracket, and two nuts to remove off the rear. My front bolts were a 15MM (except the passenger side had one larger bolt), the rear were a 17mm deep socket. Note: leave the stock seats attached as it’s much easier to remove them with more working space than inside the Bronco.


Front of the bracket – Two 15mm front bolts to remove

Rear nuts to remove, 17MM deep well socket

2. Remove the stock Bronco seats from the brackets.

Note: I already had aftermarket seats installed, bolted to the stock rails, so for removal of the stock seats I don’t have any pictures.


Shows my existing adapter brackets for the JK seats

3. Remove the bottom sliders off the aftermarket seats.

Since we are using the stock Bronco seat slider and rails, these aftermarket ones aren’t necessary. I used a 6mm allen head to remove this.

Using 6mm Allen Head to Remove New Seat Sliders

4. Test fit the seat on the stock Bronco seat rail to make sure everything will fit and so you know where to mount the seat.

For this step I just set the stock Bronco seat rail and bracket back in the Bronco. Then, I set the new seat on it, testing the adjustments to make sure everything fits perfectly sliding/tilting  and leaving enough room for the driver/passenger to move forward and backwards completely. I have an interior roll cage and Atlas shifters right next to the seat, so I positioned the seat so if just fits perfectly around everything.

Setting the seat bracket in for testing

Test fitting the seat on the bracket, making sure everything fits

Positioned the seat on the bracket. Once I found the position I liked, I marked on the bracket where the seat bolts would be ideal.

5. Build the bracket to adapter the stock 1996 Ford Bronco seat bracket to the aftermarket seat.

I took some 1 1/2 inch wide by 1/4 inch flat stock metal to create the mounting plate for the seats. These seats have a wider mounting base than the stock seats, so you basically have to extend them out wider. I used the stock holes in the Bronco seat bracket to bolt through.

Here’s a side shot of the bracket. Basically it’s just flat 1/4 inch stock that overlaps on the ends

Here is the width of the bracket – about 17 1/2 inches total. The arrow is the front of the seat. Notice where the bar overlaps, I angle cut the corners. This was to allow for the nut and washer to fit.

This shows the length of the bracket, about 16 1/4 inches in length.

Another picture of the length. Note that I used some metal that already had some holes drilled, which are the extra holes on the corners. These aren’t used, at all. You should only drill 8 – 9/16th holes.

After I tacked the metal, I test fit it on the seat. Once it worked, it was time for final welding, cleanup and paint

After paint, final installation of the bracket to the seat.

Installing seat & seat bracket with the stock Bronco seat slider. Note, when doing this, you need to slide the seat all the way forward and backwards in order to install the seat bolts.

This shows the bolt from the seat & custom bracket to the stock 1996 Bronco seat slider. Also, the allen head is the bolt from the new custom bracket to the seat.

6. Final install…

The final product. Seat installed, moved all the way forward! My kids can actually get in the back now!

Seat in the normal position, nice and comfy.

Passenger side pic

Time to enjoy the new seats. The leather on these is very high quality, and the padding is way comfortable. I’m very pleased with these seats and would recommend them and Tom’s to anyone.

Here is a link directly to the seats I purchased:


Tom’s Bronco parts also has other parts for the full size Bronco, from 1978-1996, and they plan on getting more into this market. I’m excited about this because I’ve been thrilled with their service and support for the classic Bronco, now to see them grow into the full size market is great!

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