Because of the many upgrades Ford launched in 76, the 1975 Ford Bronco could be considered the last year of an era for the early Ford Bronco.  The 75 Bronco was the last year to feature front drum brakes, manual hydraulic brakes as the only option, a 6 turn power steering box which would be replaced by a 4 turn the following year, and more.  Even though the 76 & 77 Broncos had much more to offer than the 75 Bronco, that doesn’t diminish how nice the 75’s were as well and they are still one of the most desirable years of classic Broncos.  They offered the beefy Dana 44 front differential as opposed to the Dana 30 model offered on earlier model years.  Also, many upgrade packages were available including the very popular Sport and Ranger trim packages.

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1975 Ford Bronco Factory Specifications – 13,125 Units Made


Wheelbase = 92.0″
Track = 57″ (Front),  57″ (Rear)
Overall Length = 152.1″
Overall Width = 69.1″
Overall Height = 70.8″
Ground Clearance = 8.6″


# of Passengers = 4
Main Fuel Tank = 12.7 gallon
Auxiliary Fuel Tank = 7.5 gallon
Engine Oil = 5.0 quarts
Transfer Case = 2.75 pints


Front Differential = Dana 44 w/Drum Brakes
Rear Differential = Ford 9″ w/Drum Brakes
Transfer Case = Dana 20
Transfer Case Shifter = J-style Shifter Ball w/Boot
Steering Gear Ratio = 24.1 (Factory Manual Steering)
Steering Gear Turns Lock to Lock = 5.3
Steering Linkage = T-Style
Turning Circle Radius = 36.6 ft (Wall to Wall)
Weight Distribution = 50% Front/50% Rear


Dual-Line Hydraulic
Front Drum = 11″ dia. x 2″ width
Rear Drum (Big Bearing) = 11″ dia. x 1.75″ width
Rear Drum (Small Bearing) = 10″ dia. x 2.5″ width


Wheel Size = 15″ dia. x 5.5″ width
Optional Wheel Size = 16″ dia x 5.0″ width
Bolt Pattern = 5 x 5.5


Standard = 200 cu. in., Inline 6 cylinder
Optional = 302 cu. in., V8
Igniton = Breakerless

Additional Information:

Wipers = Single Electric Wiper Motor w/Transmission Linkage
Side Marker Lights = Side Marker Housings w/Lights
Emergency Flasher Switch = On Steering Column
Optional Power Steering Upgrade
Optional C4 Automatic Transmission Upgrade